President's Spring Message

These are challenging times for everyone, especially our Front-Line Workers. They have really pulled Manitobans through this pandemic of Covid-19. Life is no longer normal as we use safeguards to protect us so as not to contribute to the ongoing situation or by just staying home. Even as they start to lift restrictions it will be slow process and we may have to practice social distancing for some time to come. Having said all that, I just want to re-iterate our support to all front-line and essential workers. Thank you!

Many of you are probably wondering what is going on with the club. Well right now not much given our current circumstances. The club has been closed since March 13th so as not to put any of our staff at risk and to protect members from the possibility of spreading it among ourselves. Which we could potentially bring home to our families. Additionally, we must follow all health directives issued by the Province of Manitoba.

Financially the club is currently stable, and the Board of Directors have taken it upon themselves to find ways in which to cut our monthly expenses. However, the fact that we had to cancel our St. Patrick’s Day festivities was a huge hit to the IAM’s bottom line. This combined with Folklorama being canceled means the Association has lost our two most important fundraising events. We have been speaking with our banking rep to secure funding to ensure the continued operation of the IAM. At this point we do not have any time frame as to when the club might re-open. Continue to watch you our website and social media for updates.

On Behalf of the Board of Directors and myself, we want to wish you a safe and happy summer at home. Just remember to wash your hands and practice social distancing and before you know we will be back together raising a pint.

Joseph Savage